For Christopher Duren the education that he received was invaluable and is the main causal factor behind the man that he is today. It is not an exaggeration to say that all of Christopher Durens dreams have been made possible by the strength of his education and the institutions of education that taught him everything that he knows today, giving him a strong foundation on which legal experience could later build. Christopher Duren began his education at the University of Wisconsin-Madison where he received his bachelors degree in Behavioural Sciences and Law, and then later pursued postgraduate law studies at Samford University, Cumberland School of Law. The lessons that Christopher Duren learned in these institutions are still with him today and the encounters with the teachers that he had there shaped much of his young and idealistic philosophy, giving him the first glimmerings of ideas that would later mature into beliefs.

For Christopher Duren then, university was a time in which he was influenced greatly, guided by minds far more developed than his own into the ideas and philosophical beliefs that would remain with him up to the present day. His classes were fascinating and enjoyable and he also made many long-term friends over the years that he spent in the educational system. The importance of an education, for Christopher Duren, cannot be stressed enough and he does his best to impress upon the young people that he meets that very little can be achieved in life without the security of these foundations. Sure, there are exceptions. But the best thing that you can do for yourself as a teenager is to apply yourself to you studies and go to the university of your dreams. Christopher Duren is a firm advocate concerning the importance of an education and does his best to spread this message wherever he goes. As a valuable member of the community of Waunakee, a position that is cemented by the respected work that he carries out as the founder of Duren Law Offices, his advice is rarely taken lightly and many of the young people of the local community have listened to Christopher Duren and made the effort in their academic lives that would help them get into university. For Christopher Duren, education is essential.

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