Buying a house is one of the most significant milestones in a person’s life. It lays the foundation for long-term permanence in one’s life, and signifies a sense of stability. Whether you are an individual or you have or are planning to have a family in the future, a home is an extremely important purchase. It provides protection and comfort, and will more than likely remain a part of your life forever.

The magnitude of this decision is exactly why you need a real estate attorney to assist you throughout the process. Buying a home is not a simple monetary transaction; rather, it is a process that involves entering into a brokerage contract with a real estate agent, negotiating terms with the broker, dealing with tax consequences and the contract of sale, arranging financing, searching and insuring the title, and much more. Clearly, the procedure is not as simplistic as it may first appear. Having a trained professional such as Christopher Duren by your side is essential to ensuring you enter into a contract that benefits you. It is not unusual for the buyer and seller’s interests to conflict, and this situation can be mediated much easier through an objective attorney who will serve their client’s best interests.

Mr. Duren and his firm Duren Law Offices have been serving the legal needs of clients for years, especially in the field of real estate law. During this time, Mr. Duren and his colleagues have come across hundreds of clients who accidentally made detrimental real estate decisions by misreading contracts and jumping into deals without knowing the details of the agreement, or by not drafting their offers properly. It is cases such as these that have motivated Mr. Duren to assist his clients in making sure their potential home purchases are contractually foolproof, which keeps them from getting entangled in shoddy real estate deals.

In addition to handling his clients’ legal transactions, Mr. Duren also owns Wisconsin Title Group, LLC, a title insurance company that has been conducting real estate closings for more than a decade. Through Wisconsin Title Group, Mr. Duren provides his clients with additional legal documents needed for the transaction, including a note, mortgage, and last-minute contract or deed addendums. There are many complexities and legal issues involved in purchasing a home or property, but the comprehensive services of Christopher Duren will ensure that all of your real estate needs are taken care of in a personalized, efficient manner.

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